Logo + Website design

Hall Book & Tax

We were approached by Hall Book & Tax to create a logo and website that made them unique from the other tax and bookkeeping services in their town. They wanted something clean, modern, professional, but different.

Logo Design

The first step of the process was creating a logo. Something that was clean, simple, but impactful. After deciding on a type logo we moved into creating a simple icon that was abstract, but could skill tie into the logo and business type. Once we had decided on the icon it was time to move into colors. Hall Book & Tax was very adamant about having colors that were classic, but also playful. Thus we decided on a cool color palette that was still professional, and clean, but also modern, and somewhat playful (for taxes).

Website Design

After creating a logo and setting brand colors and font types for Hall Book & Tax we were able to move on to the website build. They wanted something that reflected their professional, but more modern brand. However, they didn’t want to use stock imagery for their site. So with direction from the client we were able to creat a site using only illustrations. Something much different than the other tax offices in town, and something that they could scale into a larger business.


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